NIGERIA June 2017:

We are pleased to announce that our Lagos Office has installed two weather stations north of Lagos and they are functioning well. These stations will provide valuable validation points for weather databasing performed by our collaborative partners at aWhere in support of the GDA and RMGCD Food Security Initiative.

MALI Spring 2017:

Our Mopti team has continued their great work and installed new stations in Gossi, Gao, and Timbuktu.

MALI Summer/Fall 2016:

We are pleased to announce that our Mopti office has installed another weather station near Mopti and it is functioning well. The Mopti team is coordinating to install new stations in Gao, Timbuktu, and other areas in Northeastern Mali in order to expand the program and provide more crucial weather data for the RMCGD Food Security Initiative.

MALI/NIGER May 2016:

The Director of nSight, along with the CEO/COO of our partners Global Development Analytics and aWhere, traveled to Mali and Niger to further advance the Food Security initiatives of the Rocky Mountain Consortium for Global Development (RMCGD). While in Mali, we had very successful meetings with the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Environment, and the Malian Parliamentary Agricultural Commission. In Niger, our first briefings and endeavors there were well met by the local agronomics experts and we expect this success to expand in the near future with our continuing efforts in both Mali and Niger.

Again, the assistance of the Honorable Yeah Samake, the current Malian Ambassador to India, was instrumental in facilitating our efforts and ensuring their success!

NIGERIA/MALI April 2016:

nSight is proud to announce that we are in the process of opening two new offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Mopti, Mali to be directed by our local managers. These offices will help nSight expand our assistance efforts further into these countries.


nSight is proud to announce that our Managing Director will accompany the CEOs of Global Development Analytics and aWhere to Bamako, Mali, and Niamey, Niger in 2016. The trip will be facilitated by the Honorable Ambassador Yeah Samake, Malian Ambassador to India and Director of Empower Mali.

The goal of this trip is to continue the crucial Food Security efforts of the Rocky Mountain Consortium for Global Development in Mali and expand them to Niger.

MALI July 2015:

nSight is proud to announce that two more weather stations were successfully installed in Mopti, Mali by our local associates. Both stations are up and reporting normally.

MALI May 2015:

nSight traveled to Mali, and with the help of our partner Empower Mali we successfully performed maintenance and upgraded the weather stations throughout the country.

While there, our senior nSight technician trained an Empower Mali technician who has taken over the duties of maintenance and repair of the Malian systems. All systems in Mali are up and reporting normally.

The Director of Empower Mali, the Honorable Yeah Samake, also introduced our Managing Director to the Malian Parliamentary Agriculture Commission during a briefing of the weather station project. The Commission was very interested in furthering our joint efforts in the weather station projects, and we expect to be returning soon.

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